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Engage Power is the leading way in providing clean, renewable energy that will not only eliminate electrical bills but will save you money while increasing the value of your home. We make energy fun while saving you money. We’ll rescue you from expensive utility rate hikes and ease your concerns about the environment. We believe in giving back control to home and business owners by helping them save real money and mitigate the impact of climate change.



We believe that anyone who wants solar should be able to make the transition. That’s why we make the process simple, providing front to back solutions that give back control and reduce energy costs.


The Goal

Our goal is to help you get the best possible returns from your solar panels. We work tirelessly to offer the best possible price and drive value up for our customers.


Benefiting the Environment

Climate change is accurate, and the sooner we transition to a renewable-based energy economy, the lesser the environmental impact. We fully integrate technology to help our customers achieve their energy-reducing lifestyles.

On-Site Consultations

Solar is a reliable source of energy that also benefits the environment. We’ll take a look at your energy needs, and tell you how much you can save by going solar. We’ll also answer any of your questions. Simple, painless, and free. 


The Finishing

Increased Home Value;

Solar homes increase in value due to lower energy bills. On installation day, you can expect us to have your solar panels up and ready. Once we’re finished you start generating clean energy and you can start saving.

solar house 2.jpg

Our Quality Guarantee

Engage Power is a leading solar company offering solar energy to homeowners across the states. Engage Power makes going solar fun, easy, and affordable!

We provide clean energy solutions that save you money and benefit the environment.

It’s All About You:  We make the process simple and enjoyable for our customers. We take care of all potential hassles, paperwork, and permits.

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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